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01629 822185

Land Rover Service and Repair


Froggatt Edge Garage

01433 630291

Garage, Car repairs, MoTs


GL Motors


Garage, Car repairs, MoTs

Great Longstone

Ladywood Garage

01246 566312 / 01246 567779

Garage, Car repairs, MoTs


Sam Furniss

01629 55237

Garage, Car repairs, MoTs



Web link

Selecta Tyre

01629 56606 Matlock. 0800 977 8174 Buxton. 0800 977 8182 Ashbourne. 0800 977 8188 Belper. 0800 977 8170

Tyre sales and fitting service


Farmers, Matlock Subaru

01629 582103

New and used car sales, service, repairs, MoT


• Saving fuel and car parking charges. Reducing pollution, less traffic thus improving the  environment.
• You may get a better deal - For instance local bakers, greengrocers, butchers could reward regular custom.
• Good advice; butchers could advise on how to cook certain cuts of meat and what size joint you might need for a family get together.
• Shopping at your local butchers cuts down on food miles and stress on the animals, therefore better quality meat. Plus traceability from farm to fork which is very important. Also support for local farmers.
• Shopping at local bakers, greengrocers and farm shops - the food is likely to contain more nutrients and have less packaging.
• Thriving independent businesses on the high street boost the prices of nearby homes.
• Helps to build the local community. Craft shops, cafés, bookshops host events from knitting clubs, children’s events, reading groups etc.
• Local independent shops often stock items which are made locally and not available elsewhere so the chance of getting a one-off gift is a major plus.
• Local Artisan markets help promote the talents of the next generation of designers and retailers with a constant turnover of new products, and sellers listen to customers’ demands.
• Shopping local creates local jobs.
• Helps to build a good relationship with your shopkeeper which is more personal.
• Local businesses are more likely to use your own business if you use theirs.
• Try before you buy, for example independent off licences may have wine tasting events, bakeries, delicatessens, and farm shops have samples of food to try.
• Many local businesses support local charities therefore shopping local you are helping to increase donations.