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Bakewell Bird Study Group ‘The Peregrine Falcon’ with Steve Watson and Richard Sale

Bakewell Bird Study Group’s October meeting, on the 9th, is all about peregrines. Are they the fastest creature on the planet and can they really fly at 242mph as was once recorded? Come along and find out with Steve Watson who has been studying peregrines for 40 years at Symonds Yat in Gloucestershire. His colleague Richard Sale is an astrophysicist who studies falcons and their flight dynamics. Together they have recently published a book destined to be the holy grail of Peregrine literature. Expect lots of new information about peregrines presented in a humorous and entertaining way with the aid of fabulous photographs and 4K video. This is a good news story. Since a low point in the 1950’s due to egg shell thinning as a result of agricultural chemicals, since banned, they have bounced back and have moved into our towns and cities nesting on cathedrals and other tall buildings: therein lies a tale, we await the full story. Signed copies of the book will be on sale.

The presentation as always is at the Friends Meeting House at the end of Chapel Row off Matlock Street (A6) in Bakewell, behind the Methodist church. Visitors are always welcome £3 on the door. Why not join our group – it’s still only £15 for seven talks between September and April and we have a similar number of field trips to nature reserves in the area where expert advice on bird identification is available. Meetings are listed in the Peak Advertiser and at Bakewell Tourist Information Office or visit the BBSG web site at www.bakewell or call 07768 928432.


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