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Bakewell WI

Bakewell WI had a wonderful day out at Gt. Hucklow Gliding Club recently, watching gliders and having flight experiences.

We don’t do things by halves, having recently had a wonderful trip to the White Peak Distillery. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, 16th July with the lovely Debbie Walker, taking us through her hand made unique designs and having a go ourselves.

If Bakewell WI is something you have been thinking about attending, we meet at 7.30pm every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Friends’ Meeting House, Chapel Row, Bakewell. New members are joining all the time, and the atmosphere is one of a lively bunch of ladies, enjoying good company, coffee mornings, outings, craft sessions and much, much more. Contact Rashelle on 07912314972 if you would like to find out more. Or visit us at the Bakewell Country Festival on Sunday, 14th July.


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