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Baslow WI Darlings

Blanc Fashion Show

Brilliant. Why haven't we done this before? Anne-Marie's collection was so tempting, many succumbed! Anne-Marie's own model on the left of the photo in a white winter ensemble, Marion H in a red cocktail dress, Anne-Marie's model in navy, Janette L in silver and navy, Anne-Marie's model in shocking pink, Carol E in a red and black floaty evening dress, Lorna W in a smart blue dress and jacket, then Jayne R, who stole the show, in a dashing red and black evening dress.

The History of Scissors –

Philip Wright

Philip is a putter, that is a putter together of scissors. I've never seen so many scissors, all shapes and sizes. The largest I could barely lift and the smallest, a working exhibition piece, was the size of a five pence coin. What a display, all the scissors had different uses, blunt ended scissors to fit in pockets, giant finger ring scissors for florists, tailors shears with long blades, endless variations and so interesting that now we're planning to visit the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield.

Orchard Day –

David Dawson and the Orchard Team

All worked so hard and successfully gave Baslow a glorious village day. Of course, Baslow WI Darlings contributed, selling jams, cakes, pickles and preserves, seizing the opportunity to tempt Baslow newcomers to join our thriving WI group. David's Orchard Day had such a lovely friendly atmosphere, just like Wednesday afternoons with Baslow WI Darlings.

WISA – Poppies for St Anne's Church

I sat close to Christine, our uno supremo seamstress. I watched her knit. Darlings, it was a sight to behold, fingers flashed and flitted over needles, scarlet wool whirled and in seconds first row finished. Ah, sudden realisation, I'd forgotten how to knit. I cast on forty stitches, in seconds I'd fifty two. I dropped a couple but matters were now out of hand. I took it home. Numerous attempts but a week later and, I have just one poppy. It's a bit lop-sided. Shan't show it to uno supremo!

Chatsworth Walk

More and more popular, often taking longer because now we're enjoying a coffee afterwards and browsing round the plant sales. Next month we're staying for lunch. Soon it'll be coffee, lunch and tea.

Upcoming Events

3rd November 103rd WI Birthday Lunch at Sickleholme Golf Club

9th November 2pm BVH John Lower – The Chesterfield Canal

16th November 10.15 Baslow Walk with Alison Haynes

23rd November 2pm WISA BVH Christmas Decorations

29th November 10.30am Chatsworth House visit and lunch. Booking required

Jane Walker.


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