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Baslow WI Darlings

Celebrating 2022 with our Christmas Star, Ann McPhie, the backbone and inspiration of Baslow WI

Baslow St Anne's School

Highlight of the afternoon, our young visitors, St Anne's School Choir. Sensational, as always. Perhaps in 60 years' time some of them will be here again but in the audience, like me, singing together. A joyously sentimental occasion as we remember our own childhood Christmas. Thank you St Anne's Choir.

Dress Code- sparkly like our Prosecco apéritif

I wore my sunglasses. I reckoned there'd be quite a lot of dazzle as sometimes the girls can be a bit over the top. I wasn't wrong.

Helen Mitchell, CEO from Elm Foundation

Abuse doesn't have to be physical, psychological harm is just as damaging but both are often tolerated in a troubled relationship, there's a reluctance to leave. Financial fear, fear of family disruption, also fear of the perpetrator. The Elm Foundation tackle the lot as well as providing refuge. We care and we give generously. Helen thanked us for making a difference.

Tea time- Kate Treves' Christmas Cake, Judith Barton's Sponge

And I took loads of mince pies, working on the principle that by taking mince pies I get extra cake.


Braving the tallest ladders, President Judith Barton and I clutched and displayed blue and gold stars with tinsel, creating our scintillatingly sensational seasonal scheme. Caroline Hobson acted as ladder Banksman (Elf and Safety) directing the position of our celestial stars and our glittering garlands. Kate Treves and Alison Haynes designed a vision of scarlet spheres on the Christmas Tree.

Our New Zealand Hukanui-Hamua WI sisters

Telepathic, they've got to be. How else would our New Zealand Darlings know that our new Village Hall décor is blue and gold? The same colours as the exquisite needlework Christmas gift we received from them. Amazing. Thank you.

Chatsworth House Christmas

Twelve of us visited the Nordic themed Christmas at Chatsworth House. Lorna Wilson, Vikki Watson and I tackled the Igloo and stuck our heads through the circular windows. Was it for children? Vikki booked Lunch in the formal dining room, as a treat. Brilliant.

Forthcoming Events

11th January 2.00 BVH Edale Mountain Rescue Ian Donaldson

16th January Linacre Walk. Lunch at The Peacock Cutthorpe with Ann McPhie

25th January WISA 2.00-4.00 BVH

Jane Walker


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