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Community Shop Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Grindleford Community Shop first opened its doors in June 2014, and ever since has been serving local customers and village visitors from its premises in the former choir vestry in St Helen’s Church.

The shop came about as the result of community action following the closure of the village’s last general store. Drained by supermarkets, and the growth of online retail, village shops in rural areas across the country are in decline. But steadfast Grindlefordians were determined to ensure that residents could continue to buy groceries on their doorstep, and connect with each other while buying their bread and milk.

The setup and support for the shop was initially funded by the annual Grindleford Goat cycling race, an event that has grown to be a major part of the Hope Valley sporting calendar.

After a series of ‘pop-up’ tests, the shop found its home in the local church and has been a hit ever since. With just two paid staff, the shop is run almost entirely by volunteers, including even village children and young people, trying their hand at shopkeeping.

As well as groceries, and hot and cold drinks, the Grindleford Community Shop is a hub where people see and catch up with neighbours and hear about village activities and events, as well as hosting activities themselves, including Apple Pressing Day, Craft Fairs and the Community Choir.

The shop celebrated its 10th anniversary with a party featuring live music, a samba band, pizzas, tea and cakes and of course a speech by one of the shop founders, Sarah Battarbee.

“We have shown what a group of ordinary people working together can do and I think this amazing village can be very proud of that,” said Battarbee. “The shop has, as we hoped, provided a meeting place, an information hub, and a crucible for village ideas and events. Whether you want a pint of milk, a slice of cake, directions for a walk or just a natter, I encourage you to drop by.”


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