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Cressbrook Well-dressing

It was wonderful to see the Well Dressing design completed and blessed on Sunday June 9th at Cressbrook Church. The children of Cressbrook designed such a joyous image and a total of 11 children and 16 adults got hands-on at the church hall putting together the well dressing using supplies all foraged or purchased locally. Several children also made their own mini wells. It looks like the tradition has a bright future!

After the blessing, Cressbrook Band entertained everyone with a great music session inside Cressbrook Club – it was raining outside – while an enthusiastic audience consumed drinks, tea, coffee and ate lots of fabulous tasty cakes. A big thank you also goes to everyone who helped out with designing, organising, putting out signs and bunting and the makers of the tea and cakes. Everyone has done their bit to keep a local custom and community flourishing!


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