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Darley Dale in Bloom Hanging Basket Competition

Do you live in Darley Dale and are you planning on having a ‘blooming’ good hanging basket at home this summer? If so, you can enter the Darley Dale in Bloom Hanging Basket competition, with a chance of winning a £50 gardening voucher! It is free to enter, with forms available from Red House Stables, The Whitworth Centre, Forest Garden Centre and various shops around Darley Dale. Entries should be returned to Red House Stables by 13 July and judging by two committee members of Darley Dale Horticultural Society will take place the following weekend.

DDiB are pressing on with their move to more perennial, bee and butterfly friendly planting. The beds at the junction of Greenaway Lane and the A6 have been extended (with the welcome help of Darley Dale Community Group), manured and replanted with a selection of perennial plants, which should burst into flower at different times of the year! Some of these will also be added to their other beds along the A6 and in the Whitworth Park.

As ever, we welcome new volunteers to help with planting, watering and weeding. If you are interested, please phone Christine Goldsack on 01629 736749.


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