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Home comfort – local hospice charity seeks £75,000 towards new service to honour patients’ wishes to

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

A local hospice charity is appealing for help to raise £75,000 towards a brand-new Hospice at Home service, to support more patients across North Derbyshire who wish to remain at home as they near the end of their life.

Blythe House Hospicecare and Helen’s Trust are seeking support for a new Rapid Response service, to complement its hugely successful Hospice at Home team in enabling more local people to die in the comfort of their home, and alleviate pressures on the NHS.

The new service will have its own specialist vehicle and expert staff, to visit patients who are in need at any time of the day or night, 365 nights a year.

Keeping people at home, where they want to be

Jude Webster, Hospice at Home manager at Blythe House Hospicecare and Helen’s Trust, explained: ‘It is hard to imagine the fear that people feel when they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, especially when they learn that they only have months or weeks to live. That is the reality that some of us, and those we know and care about, will face. Many people want to make the most of the time that they have left, by being at home with the people they love.

‘Our GPs and hospital services are busier than ever; many more people need us now, in the safe and comfortable surroundings of their own home. This means we have to build upon our Hospice at Home service to ensure we can respond quickly to all those who need our support.

‘Often, patients may experience painful or distressing symptoms in the middle of the night, causing huge concern for worried loved ones, and it may take several hours to get medical support. With help from our community to raise vital funds for our new Rapid Response service, we will be with patients quickly, keeping them at home, and out of hospital.’

Supporting people in your community

Blythe House and Helen’s Trust formed a partnership in 2020, and since then the two charities have provided over 42,600 hours of scheduled day and night time care across North Derbyshire* to more than 830 patients with a life-limiting illness including cancer, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and neurological conditions such as motor neurone disease.

Beverley’s mum, Jean was referred to the Hospice at Home service following her bowel cancer diagnosis. The team cared for Jean before she died at home in December 2021.

Beverley explained: ‘We needed to keep Mum at home, because that’s where she wanted to be. Supporting palliative care for a loved one is emotionally exhausting, something I greatly underestimated. With the help of the Hospice at Home team, we were able to fulfil Mum’s wishes and keep her at home in familiar surroundings. Without them, Mum would’ve had to go into hospital, something she desperately didn’t want.’

Making a lasting difference – could you support your local hospice?

Jude continued: ‘With the money raised, we will recruit compassionate and skilled nurses and healthcare assistants, and fund a specialist vehicle to enable us to rapidly support patients across North Derbyshire communities 24 hours per day, seven days a week.’

To support the hospice’s fundraising campaign for the new Rapid Response Hospice at Home service, visit:

You can also call to donate over the phone: 01298 875 089.

Read Beverley’s story in full:


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