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How Time Flies!

Jeanne Mason took over The Red Lion in Litton in September 2014 and is leaving a lovely, thriving business when she retires this spring with husband, Andrew and their pub labradors, Humphrey and Hettie. Thanks go to the brilliant dedicated team who welcome customers time and again to enjoy excellent beers and lovely homemade, top quality food. Jeanne was involved in re-igniting 'Litton Night’ with the popular Beer Fest, Gin Bar and brilliant live music – a great night not to be missed in June. Tomas and Kristina Nemunis take over the helm very soon and Jeanne feels sure everyone will make them welcome in this great, rare, village pub and they'll enjoy the banter with the locals and chats with the customers from far and wide. Jeanne and Andrew wish Tomas and Kristina every success in their new venture and thank everyone for their support over the past ten years.


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