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Matlock Storytelling Cafe

On Friday January the 5th of 2024 we kick off the year with the wonderful Giles Abbott telling “East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon” – a glorious, passionate fairytale from Norway. Well, would you give your daughter to a bear? What if he asked nicely? Come join a brave young woman on a mission to rescue her true love, encountering talking bears and exploding trolls.

Giles Abbott is known nationally and internationally for his poetic flair for language, commanding stage presence and a speaking voice which has been likened to everything from Black Velvet to melted chocolate (whatever that sounds like!)

Our wonderful house band, Cage of Crows, will be with us providing sumptuous tunes and beautiful melodies, and who knows you might even get a tale or two from the odd local teller.

We are delighted to tell you that soup, cakes, teas coffees etc. will be available from our kitchen once more. So now you can leave all your snacks at home. You are still most welcome to bring a bottle of something with you.

We urge you to book in advance as we cannot guarantee there will be tickets available on the door.

Tickets (£7) are available from https:// storytellingcafe/1089 662. Online ticket sales will close at 7pm on the night.

As usual we’re at the Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3NL on the first Friday of the month, that’s Friday the 5th of January 2024.

The doors open at 7.00pm, stories and music 7.30-10.


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