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Midlands Based Artist is in the Spotlight at Level Centre

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Following a national call out to disabled artists from across the UK, Level are delighted to announce the recipient of the new Level Spotlight Award.

Fae Kilburn is a midlands-based artist and arts facilitator that specialises in printmaking. Fae will be given support from Level’s Artistic Associate Bella Milroy to develop her creative practice and learn more about the process of exhibiting work.

The project will culminate in a solo exhibition at Level Centre that will give a behind the scenes look at Fae’s methodology and showcase her art.

Through the Spotlight Award Fae will exhibit Sensing Nature, a mixture of silkscreen, mono and embossed prints. The exhibition will be a visual documentation of Fae’s transition from partial-sight to blindness that will challenge other peoples’ understanding of sight-loss.

Fae said: “I’m delighted to have been awarded the Level Spotlight Award and look forward to the 1-2-1 mentoring with artist Bella Milroy and exploring new ways of displaying my work during my solo exhibition.”

Fae’s landscapes document the blurring of boundaries and explore the shapes and patterns within the landscape. By using different methodologies including comparison colour charts and audio descriptions of the landscapes, Fae is able to create prints inspired by what she has seen, experienced and been told was in front of her.

Artistic Associate Bella Milroy said: "I'm delighted that this award is going to Fae; her work is so beautiful and it was really striking to come across in the judging process. I'm really excited to share Fae's work at Level, as well as showcasing her important exploration of sight-loss within the context of how she creates and displays her work. I look forward to finding out more about her work and am excited about what she will display at Level in the New Year!"

Fae’s exhibition will have several pieces that can be touched, from the embossed Sensing Nature series to the beautiful silkscreen print triptych Transient Moments on Japanese paper and ‘Beyond the Curve’ that appear to float on the wall. During her time with Level Fae will expand this body of work and experiment with new materials to take her work in a more sculptural direction.

Sensing Nature will be on display in the Corridor Gallery at Level Centre from 12 January to 14 April 2023.


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