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Noah's Open Garden in Cressbrook

Noah Mabey in Cressbrook, opened his gardens for everyone to enjoy on a sunny weekend in May. Admission was free – including tea, coffee and cakes especially made by friends, available to sit and eat in this creative garden with the sound of the River Wye gushing past.

Since 2014 Noah and mum Katherine spent many painful weeks smashing up old concrete and paving to create the beginning of Noahs passion for gardening, which is now his career.

The garden today bears little resemblance to the first garden as it continues to evolve and grow under his care. For example when the new garden was first created, a large metal cog, part of the original mill race was dug up and, as too heavy to move, a garden was built around it. Another creation was a pergola made from old bike wheels which bike riders donated and Noah fitted together and at the start of this project all the initial plants were generously donated by friends and lots of the walls were built from all the rocks dug up during the original construction.

This weekend event was a success with over £750 raised with visitors donating to the Donkey Sanctuary and Mountain Rescue. Noah is working on the idea of another open garden event in the summer. Follow Noah on Instagram@ noahs.gardens


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