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North Derbyshire’s Community Diagnostic Centre Welcomes First Ultrasound Patient

Jason Rotherham, the first patient to use the new ultrasound service at Whitworth Hospital

Jason Rotherham, 50, from Eckington was the first Ultrasound patient to use the new ultrasound service, which opened on Friday, 17 March at Whitworth Hospital – as part of the new Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC).

CDCs allow patients to receive care closer to home, in a one-stop style approach, which includes having direct same-day access to tests such as ultrasound, x-ray and phlebotomy (blood tests).

Jason started his patient journey when he visited his GP with shoulder pain. He was given exercises and pain relief, however after a few weeks he found the pain was not improving. Following a physiotherapy appointment in Eckington, and an x-ray at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Jason was offered an ultrasound at the North Derbyshire Community Diagnostic Centre in Matlock. The aim was to investigate the pain and provide an accurate diagnosis.

Jason said: “Although Chesterfield Royal Hospital is technically nearer to me, I chose to attend Whitworth Hospital because they offered me an appointment much quicker – in fact, it was the next day!

“It is fantastic to be able to now get a quicker diagnosis for my shoulder, meaning I can now get on with my day. The quick turnaround also means that my physiotherapist can take a look at my ultrasound instantly and get me booked in for another appointment quickly.

“The staff I spoke to, including Nic the sonographer, were very helpful and caring. Although further from home, I really didn’t mind the extra few minutes drive as it meant I got an appointment much quicker. I was also in and out in about 15 minutes, so I certainly saved more time there too. It is a fantastic new service, with new lovely rooms and equipment so I felt very comfortable. An added bonus is having free parking.”

Nic Sowden, Ultrasonographer, performed the first ultrasound at the new Community Diagnostic Centre on Friday, 17 March.

Nic said: “The new ultrasound CDC service at Whitworth Hospital means more patients can be seen faster, supporting a quicker diagnosis and treatment. We’re looking forward to further expanding the service including longer opening hours and establishing a link with other clinics to create more streamlined pathways – like podiatry”.

Patients still have the option to attend appointments at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, however you may receive an appointment quicker if you are able to attend North Derbyshire’s Community Diagnostic Centre, located at Whitworth Hospital.


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