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Refugees to Benefit from Bakewell Gifts and Cake Event

Saturday, May 18th saw a gathering of members of the Bakewell Asylum Seekers and Refugees Network, a group that is concerned about the many difficulties experienced by asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. Members and visitors to the event brought gifts of everyday necessities, such as toiletries and stationary, which will be taken to the Upbeat Community charity in Derby. There the gifts will be included in the welcome packs provided by Upbeat for refugees who are newly arrived in the city.

Those who came to Saturday’s event were rewarded with free coffee and homemade cake and members of the network Advocacy group spoke briefly about the current refugee situation – the statistics, the Rwanda policy, accommodation for asylum seekers, and the perilous situation of refugee children.

If any readers are interested in joining this network please email Sue Clark: sueclark588@gmail. com and your details will be added to the mailing list. An informative newsletter is circulated three times a year. This offers commentary on the current refugee situation and details of network activities, including the popular hospitality days for refugees from Derby, provided by the network’s hospitality group.

Photo: Members of the organising Advocacy group with gifts. Left to right; Paul Wilding, Gill Tishler, Sue Clark and David Winder


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