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River Network Leadership Initiative

River Network, a leading provider of support services in Derbyshire, is proud to announce the success of its recent leadership initiative, which brought together residents from supported housing projects and members of the wider community for a day of learning, engagement, and practical application.

The initiative, held on 28th February at the Therapeutic Community Allotment, kicked off with a leadership awareness training session. Participants gained valuable insights into effective leadership skills, with a particular focus on navigating the challenges presented by the current cost of living crisis.

Following the training, the group embarked on a community walk, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration. This was followed by a visit to the Community foodbank, where participants had the opportunity to learn about the vital services provided by the organisation and contribute their time and effort.

“This initiative was a resounding success,” said Terry Eckersley, CEO at River Network. “We were thrilled to see residents from our supported housing projects taking on leadership roles and working alongside members of the wider community. By combining training, physical activity, and community engagement, we were able to create a truly impactful experience that will benefit everyone involved.”


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