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River Network Housing, a leader in community development and support services, is proud to announce the launch of its new therapeutic allotment in Matlock. This exciting initiative follows the resounding success of the first allotment established in Chesterfield.

The Matlock allotment will provide a space for service users to connect with nature, learn valuable skills like vegetable and fruit cultivation, and foster a sense of growth – both in the garden and in their personal lives. Through participation in the allotment project, service users will develop leadership skills, take on responsibilities, and build a sense of community.

“We are thrilled to bring the therapeutic allotment program to Matlock,” said Terry Eckersley, CEO of River Network Housing. “The Chesterfield allotment has been a tremendous success, and we are confident that the Matlock program will be equally beneficial. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to empower individuals and communities to thrive.”


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