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Sheffield Women’s Lecture Club Sheffield Women’s Lecture Club members thoroughly enjoyed the first

Paul explaining the flood potential in 2050 (left) and President Margaret seen welcoming Paul (right)

Sheffield Women’s Lecture Club members thoroughly enjoyed the first talk and lunch of 2023 from Paul Hudson who is more usually seen on BBC Look North each evening. Weatherman Paul was born and brought up in Keighley in West Yorkshire. From a young age he had an obsession for all things meteorological, leading eventually to a first class degree in geophysics and planetary physics.

As well as being a weather presenter, Paul is the BBC’s Climate Correspondent, reporting on the future impact of climate change on people’s lives. He was able to tell the members about the history of weather forecasting, how the met office can advise Nestle and Lloyds when the weather is going to be bad so they can make alternative arrangement to find more coffee or know where floods may happen.

With global warming, it seems the UK is doing a lot but needs to develop more options for days when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine because then the wind farms and solar panels don’t add electricity to the grid. The map shows how flooding in 2050 is most likely in the Hull area due to so many rivers flowing out through the Humber.

When asked what the weather is likely to be like next week, he said the official answer should be -.’More of the same’!

Check out the website for more details of future talks.

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