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Taddington Well Dressings, Flower Festival and Village FeteSaturday 19th August - Friday 25th August

This year’s annual Taddington ‘Wells Week’ celebration, runs from Saturday 19th August to Friday 25th August.

The week kicks off with family fun throughout Saturday 19th August and Sunday 20th August at the Village Fete.

Throughout the week visitors will be able to see how residents of the village have captured the essence of this year’s theme, “Unique to the Peak”, in two creative ways:

The Well Dressings

Examples of the traditional art of mounting natural materials such as petals and leaves on clay boards to create intricate montages. One will be displayed in Taddington’s churchyard, and another close by at Crossroads Farm House, Blackwell (SK17 9TQ) just off the B6049.

The Flower Festival

During this special week, the interior of the church becomes a spectacular and beautiful celebration of colour and beauty. Refreshments, snacks and light lunches can be purchased every day at the tea tent, and there’ll also be a White Elephant sale and plant sale.

The week (not to mention the preparation period!) provides a wonderful opportunity for the village to come together, as well as a chance to welcome visitors. It also provides an increasingly important opportunity to raise funds towards general church repairs (including this year's specific urgency: new lighting). The church also passes on a percentage of the money raised to other charitable causes.

More details will be posted on our Facebook page “Taddington Wells Week 2023”.


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