Courtesy of Mike Horrod, 1st Bakewell (Parish Church) Scout Group

Please ensure these activities are carried out responsibly and under adult supervision.

Invent your own secret sign language and practice it with another member of your family so you can silently send each other secret messages.

Find the oldest and newest thing in your house.


Learn a new skill – You choose, make it something new that you have not done before.


Rename everything in your house. Think about a new name for all the everyday things used in your home and think up a better name for them – would a vacuum cleaner be better named a dust snuffler?


The Three ??? – You know how it goes – Three Little Pigs, Three Bears, Three Billygoats Gruff – there are three main characters and a baddy, the story grow with an increasing level of excitement and danger leading up to a happy ending. Write your own The Three….. story and try to build in the same level of excitement and anticipation.

What job would you like to do when you grow up? Write why you want to do this job and make a list of the skills you would need to do it.

Write a play.


How many times can you fold a sheet of paper in half? Try this with different sizes and types of paper – e.g. tissue paper, newspaper, writing paper.


What would you invent? Think up a new machine or device that you think would be useful and draw your design and explain how it works.


Find all the loose change lying about your house and count it.


How many blue things are in your house? – Now do this again for another colour.

Write you name in illuminated text – that’s like they did in the old days where the letters are very fancy and colourful with lots of twiddley bits, sometimes with picture of people and animals in them.


Learn how to play a new card game. Play card sums – using a pack of cards turn over two at a time and either add them up or multiply them together – on your own or as a competitive game with someone else – who gets the answer right first?


Make up a story using your cuddly toys – think about what they would do if they were alive, where would they go? Who would they meet? Try to involve a lot of characters (toys). Think about stories like Chicken Licken and The Enormous Turnip where different characters keep joining in.


Grow some beans – using plastic cups plant three beans and put them in different places around the house – one on a window sill where it will get sunlight, one away from the window but not in the dark and one in a dark place – give them each a teaspoon of water each day and see if there is any difference in when they start to grow and how big they get. Keep a diary of their progress.


Do a survey of your home and write down a list of anything you find that has wheels.

Make a collage from magazines and catalogues and stick them on a large piece of card to make a picture based on a theme – it could be famous people, animals, cars, sports, food – etc. etc. etc.

Write rebus story – that is where you use pictures in place of some words – the rebus is either the whole word or makes up part of the word.

See how many times you a bounce a tennis ball using only one had – then swap hands and try again.

Ring up the relatives – contact your grandparents, uncles and aunties and any other relations you can find and call them by telephone and ask them some questions about themselves. Have a prepared set of questions – e.g. where and when were you born? What jobs did you do? Where did you live? Who were your parents? etc. Use the information you collect to write out a Family Tree.

Write and ABC story – try to write a story where the first letter of each word starts with each letter of the alphabet in turn – e.g. A big cat dropped eight fish……

Now try writing another story, but this time starting each word with the letters in order they appear on a normal ‘QWERT’ keyboard – e.g. Queen Wendy entertained red toads yesterday…….

Make some puppets – out of socks or some old material and perform a puppet show for your family. If you have a cardboard box you can also make a puppet theatre.

Make a ‘musical’ instrument out of junk – see how inventive you can be – make a whole orchestra!

See how long a continuous strip of paper can be made from a single A4 sheet – it must be unbroken – i.e. one long piece.

Design a new game to replace Football – think up the rules, how many players, what equipment is needed, what the pitch looks like. Could you think up a game where more than two teams are playing at the same time on the same pitch?