THE PEAK ADVERTISER is an independent, locally produced paper which has served the Peak District area since 1982. We distribute over 25,000 copies every fortnight.

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Our current publication:

Monday 2nd August 2021

Distributed from:

Thu 29th July

Our next publication is:

Monday 2nd August 2021

Which will be printed on:

Tuesday 27th July

Distributed from:

Thu 29th July

5pm Thursday 22nd July

The booking deadline is:


We are pleased to announce that

The Peak Advertiser is


We are producing your local paper and promoting your local business. Any adverts, editorial, items for sale and coming events can be submitted NOW, either by post or email, or leave us a message and we will get back to you. Our next edition has a DEADLINE of 5pm on 10th June and will reach you by the 17th June.


We, and our very loyal team, have been producing your local paper for 39 years! We are a totally independent family business, with no association, connection or collaboration with any other publication, despite any play on our title. The Peak Advertiser is, and always has been, produced by local people, for local readership and to promote local business.


After these lockdown situations, we promise, once again, to help and support our local shops, businesses and tradespeople. We will continue to promote events for charities and organisations, to publicise news in the Dales and to sell your unwanted items, whilst producing a popular local newspaper with interesting reading, featuring local events and achievements.


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View the 2020 edition of our Mature Choices magazine, aimed at the over 55s living in our area.


Sadly, because of the COVID-19 pandemic we have not been able to publish our Summer magazine this year but you can still view the 2019 edition.

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01629 812159

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