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Talk of the Dales

Editorial contributions from our readers play a vital part in the success of the Peak Advertiser. We are very grateful to everyone who takes the time to send us their articles and photographs, but from time-to-time we receive more than we can possibly have space for in the paper.

Here on our website we now have the opportunity to publish a selection of those stories that didn’t appear in our latest issue.



14th November 2019 saw the 2nd meeting this season of Matlock Luncheon Club.


Chairman Mary Woffenden extended a welcome to a total of 81 members and guests who then sat down to an excellent lunch at Matlock Golf Club.


The Speaker this month, David Carson Shaw, spoke eloquently about The City of Byzantium, the city we now know as Istanbul. The name Byzantium came from Megara King Byzas. The most famous Emperor was Justinian (527 to 565). One of his greatest achievements was the construction of Hagia Sophia Church, which was the largest church in the world and still stands to this day as a museum.


On behalf of the committee, members and guests, Angie Dawson kindly gave David a heartfelt vote of thanks for his most interesting and informative presentation.


Annie Hall was our Chairman in 2016/17. Tragically Annie lost her life last Friday in the floods which affected our part of Derbyshire. Annie was always a most welcoming chairman, a lovely smile and word for everyone. She continued to be a member after her year in the chair ended. Indeed she gave one of our most interesting after lunch presentations about her time as High Sherriff of Derbyshire, dressed of course in all of her regalia. Everyone at the lunch stood for 1 minute’s silence in her memory. We will all miss your smiling face Annie .


The next meeting will take place at Matlock Golf Course on Thursday 12th December 2019.


Matlock Kickboxing, based at Arc Leisure Centre, were thrilled to receive the fantastic news that one of their students, Liam Owen (13, from Matlock) has been awarded the coveted grade of Black Belt by the Professional Kickboxing Association.


The club has been successfully running a class of mixed ages and abilities for three years and Liam marks not only their youngest member to achieve this prestigious award, but also the youngest across the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire arm of the Professional Kickboxing Association.


Liam successfully completed a gruelling three hour exam at the association’s headquarters at Temple Gym in Birmingham conducted by UK Principle and founder Mike Haig, which saw students from across the UK come together and test their skills along with adults significantly older than him.


Instructing husband and wife team, Rachael and Stewart Smith said, “We are immensely proud of Liam, this is a fantastic achievement, especially with him being so young. Liam has come such a long way since his first class with us and has developed in to great role model for the rest of the junior and adult members of the club. It’s a real testament to his skills as a martial artist and all the hard work and determination he puts in to his training every week”.

Pictured: Liam Owen from Matlock, proudly wearing his Black Belt.


Matlock T’ai Chi Group celebrated their 20th anniversary in November. Current, former and prospective members were invited to join the celebrations at Imperial Rooms, Matlock. Also invited were people involved in setting up the classes and additional activities. A special cake was made by Annie’s Kitchen, Matlock and everyone enjoyed the refreshments and chatting to friends. The Group’s photographic archive was on display, which attracted a great deal of interest.


The Group was initially set up as a falls prevention programme for the over 50’s by Derbyshire Dales District Council, North Derbyshire Health Authority, with input from Derbyshire Rural Community Council. Initially funded by The National Lottery, the Group is now self supporting. The tutor Susan Gudjonsson, from Sheffield, has been with the Group since the start, which is truly remarkable.


There are still three members in the Group that attended the first classes in 1999. Even members who have been attending a long time are still learning thanks to the outstanding tuition. The health benefits of the weekly classes include improved balance, co-ordination and breathing, but there are also social benefits, as many long term friendships have been made.


If you are interested in joining the class there is a waiting list and it is hoped to enrol new members in the spring of 2020. Please contact our Membership Secretary Diane Gillott on 01629 584407.


Pictured: Matlock T’ai Chi Group celebrated their 20th anniversary in November.


Older people (like me)

take our time

to lift things up.

To walk to the shops

and then walk back.


Older people (like me)

go slowly

when we are talking.

Thinking about

what we are saying.

We have been there,

done it.


Older people (like)

smell the coffee.

Take more time to see

things around us.

Are happy to just enjoy

our family.


Older people (like me)

are up and about

at the crack of dawn,

can't stay still.

Can't do with phones

stuck in our hands.

Or watching endless

garbage on the TV screen.


Older people (just like me)

lived for The Beatles

and the real music.

Lived for Christmas

and Santa Claus.


You can't fool me,

there ain't no sanity clause.


Older people (like me)

watch the birds

fly through the sky.

Watch the spring flowers

painting our garden in


We take the time to say


how's your day today.

                    Keith J Furnival

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