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Baslow WI Darlings

Edale Mountain Rescue –

Ian Donaldson

This is President Judith Barton's popular choice for our annual WI fundraising. Edale Mountain Rescue Team covering the Peak District in Derbyshire and parts of South Yorkshire. The Covid pandemic introduced an increased footfall into the countryside and as a consequence, more accidents are occurring. Rest assured, no matter who you are, where you are or whatever the weather, you will always be rescued by a Mountain Rescue Team. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our Edale volunteers.

December Tinsel Walk with Lorna Wilson and Vikki Watson

The instructions were clear: meet at eleven o'clock in Baslow Bus Shelter, so I went a few minutes earlier to help organise. As I approached, I could see a great mêlée of folk at the bus shelter, covered in tinsel, nibbling cheese straws and sipping, I'm not actually sure what, but they were having seconds. There were twenty seven in total; how many of them were actually in the bus queue, I do not know but everyone was having a good time.They took a bit of rounding up but eventually everyone proceeded to walk through Chatsworth Park and on to the Cavendish Club for lunch. Lovely outing.

Monthly Raffle with Janet Bowden

It's not easy, you know, to conjure up a tempting raffle every month. Stuff has to be stored, selected, displayed and acquired. Then there's the unenviable task of convincing us that we should buy extra raffle tickets. One of every colour? Is one of Janet's commendable soft sales techniques! All the money raised goes towards our President's chosen charity.

Forthcoming Events

8th February 2pm BVH. The Great Inundation 1864 (Sheffield Flood) – Tom Sharp.

9th February 10.30am. Walk from Stoney Middleton Recreation Ground with Marion Hartley.

15th February 12-12.30 Lunch Club. Chesters, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield with Sue Priestnall.

22nd February 2-4pm WISA BVH with Christine Thompson. Wait for it! We've started knitting gloves – each finger will be a different colour! Remembering my knitted poppy experience, this could be a year long project for me. Perhaps fingerless “miser gloves”? I'm not sure Christine will be happy.

13th March 7.30pm BVH. BLANC FASHION SHOW. Tickets £10 with Welcome drink.

Jane Walker


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