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Alternative Catwalk Comes to Buxton

Fast fashion is damaging our world at every turn, from the materials, through the production, to excess consumption and disposal to landfill. The fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of global emissions, including dying requiring 43 Million tonnes of chemicals a year, and lots of water. Up to 40% of clothes produced every year, totalling 60 billion items, remain unsold, contributing to extensive environmental damage. The workers who make our clothes are too often working in low paid unsafe conditions. Let’s be part of the solution!

The Transition New Mills Fashion Activistas want to show off some fabulous upcycled pieces they have made and get us thinking and talking about clothes that last, creative mending, vintage gems, upcycling, and swaps. Come along to The Green Man Gallery in Buxton on Wednesday 20th March for a convivial evening of sartorial delights. 7:30-9pm.

Would be great to see folks coming along in their favourite 2nd hand, home made or upcycled attire.

Participation is free but it is helpful to know in advance that you are coming as space is limited. Please book your free tickets at the gallery in person or by phone (01298 937375) during opening hours, or by email to hello@ thegreenmangallery. com at any time. For opening times visit www.thegreenman

Refreshments available for donations.

Any thoughts, ideas, offers of help always welcome. Contact inspire@transition

For more information, visit www.transitionbuxton


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