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Are We Nearly There?

Scenery done. Script nearly finished. Yes (don't tell the cast), only 4 weeks (or less depending on when you read this) until curtain up on Baslow pantomime "Woke Beauty: Pantomime and Prejudice" suitable for all ages - as Leah and Joel* will attest from attending a Baslow pantomime last year. Although, all, including little ones, will benefit from pre-knowledge of the storyline of Sleeping Beauty, Pride and Prejudice aficionados (you know who you are) will of course titter unreservedly at all the unusual places, but not even all the cast have read the book or seen the film, so don't go to any unnecessary trouble, other than buying tickets.

How can Sleeping Beauty be 'awoken'? Come and find out. I repeat: suitable for all ages and inoffensive. However, I sense there's some worried folks out there. Do not worry. It was a good opportunity for a title - and if anything, there'll be complaints that it's not woke enough. That's panto! Oh yes it is.

Woke Beauty: Pantomime and Prejudice 7-17 February 2024 (not every day). See February Coming Events for details. Tickets available from baslow-players, Baslow Spar and Maxwell's Bookshop adjacent to Bakewell library. If you need to know more, come and talk to me (Zoe) on the till at Bakewell Co-op on Saturdays. Everyone knows I only have two topics of conversation - both of them pantomime.

*I have permission from their Mum to name drop with reference to positive reviews.


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