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‘Restore Our Swifts’ Andy Broadhurst February 27th 2024

Do you remember the time when parties of swifts used to scream through the town at roof top level on a warm summer evening? You will hardly ever see it now in Bakewell, if at all. It’s true there are still a few swifts but nothing like as many as there should be. One of the reasons is the lack of nesting sites. They need gaps and holes in buildings to nest so when buildings are upgraded e.g. re-roofing, adding new soffits and facias, the gaps are blocked. Swifts are very faithful to traditional nesting sites so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Modern houses are not swift friendly but there is something we can do about it: put up a swift box.

Derbyshire Swift Conservation has joined forces with Bakewell Bird Study Group in a campaign to ‘Restore Our Swifts’ in Bakewell. To know more come to a FREE talk by Andy Broadhurst on February 27th at the Medway Centre at 7.30pm (doors open 7.00).

As well as Andy’s presentation there will be a display of swift boxes courtesy of Peak Boxes which can be ordered on the night. People will be on hand to advise. If you would like to have swifts nesting on your house but are nervous of going up ladders, Bakewell Bird Study Group have offered to finance the installation.


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