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Bakewell Bird Study Group

Breeding Bird Survey in Derbyshire with David White

Monday 8th April

Our next talk on 8th April is a chance to learn more about the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and particularly the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) sponsored by the BTO and RSPB. The BTO was founded in the 1930s by Max Nicholson and others to put bird observation and monitoring onto a more scientific basis and to use the results to inform conservation. David White supports the BBS which publishes the renowned Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland through the observations of thousands of volunteers. He will be joined by Drew Lyness in presenting the talk. This talk will focus on the breeding birds of Derbyshire so will be of great interest to local birders. It is a joint meeting with Derbyshire Ornithological Society whose members are cordially invited.

The BBS is the main scheme for monitoring the population changes of the UK’s common and widespread breeding birds, producing population trends which can be used to measure the consequences to the natural world – both positive and negative – of particular decisions, and thereby inform the choices of policy-makers. BTO researchers have, for example, been instrumental in identifying the drivers of farmland bird declines. Our photo shows a yellowhammer one such bird which has declined rapidly over the last 50 years.

As always our meetings are at the Friends Meeting House at the end of Chapel Row off Matlock Street in Bakewell next to the Methodist Church, almost opposite the Co-op filling station. DE45 1EL. Guests are always welcome to our talks (£3) where they can discover more about our birding walks to local birding hot spots which started in April and continue through the Spring.

Visit the BBSG web site at www.bakewell or call 07768 928432.


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