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Bakewell Carnival CHILDRENS Photography and News Article Writing Competition

Capture the moment and tell the story! Join the Bakewell Carnival Photography and News Article Writing Competition for Kids!

Calling all aspiring young photographers and budding journalists! The Bakewell Carnival is thrilled to invite you to showcase your creativity, talent, and storytelling skills in an exciting competition designed just for you.

The carnival is a celebration of community, culture, and joy, and we want YOU to be a part of it. Whether you're a shutterbug, a wordsmith, or both, this competition offers the perfect platform to unleash your imagination and share your unique perspective with the world!

Photography Category

Capture the essence of the Bakewell Carnival events through your lens! Focus on the vibrant colours, captivating performances, and heart-warming moments that make these events unforgettable. From the raft race, pet show, dazzling floats to lively parades, let your photos speak a thousand words and let your creativity shine!

News Article Writing Category

Channel your inner journalist and tell the stories that make the Bakewell carnival week come alive. Interview participants, capture their excitement, and craft engaging news articles that transport readers to the heart of the events. Unleash your writing prowess and paint a vivid picture with your words and create an historical record in the process!

What's in it for you? Fantastic prizes await the winners of each category! Not only will you receive recognition for your outstanding talent, but you'll also have your work showcased on the Carnival Facebook Page and the Peak Advertiser, giving you a chance to inspire others with your artistic vision.

Mark your calendars with all the carnival events listed on this page so you know where to be and when, to get the headlining story!

Submit your entries to bakewellcarnival by Sunday 16th July. State, your name, age and the carnival event your entry is about.

We will Judge the best photographer and the best news article from each event. For the photography category you may submit a single photo/collage or selection.

The events we’d like you to report on are any of the following. Football Olympics, The Day of Dance, Pudding Fell Race, Blessing of the wells, Bakewell Pet Show and Jack Russell Races, Children’s Sports, Brass in the Park, Raft Race, Tug of War, the Wheelbarrow and Wellie Race, Bakewell Carnival Day and the Duck Race. You may enter only one event or many, Bakewell Carnival Committee look forward to hearing from you!


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