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Baslow Village Hall – Celebrating 125 years

Since its beginning 125 years ago Baslow Village Hall has been at the heart of the community of Baslow and Bubnell.

In 1898 the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows purchased land in Baslow to erect a hall and club premises for the Friendly Society. The aim was to care for its members and the local community at a time when there was no welfare state or National Health Service.

In 1907 ‘Oddfellows Hall’ was taken over by new benefactors for the purpose of providing a church institute. It was renamed the Stockdale Institute after the main benefactor - Rev Jeremiah Stockdale, vicar of Baslow from 1859-1907.

The Institute was a two-storey building with three decorative gables on the front. It had a billiard room, darts and table tennis facilities, a large meeting room and public baths. A sweeping stone staircase led to a dance hall with a stage. Most organisations met here and it was a place for many other activities, such as silent movies, ballroom dances and village hops.

By 1966 the Institute needed substantial repair and upgrading. It was reconstructed as a single-storey building and renamed Baslow Village Hall. It was officially opened in 1970 by Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire.

Today Baslow Village Hall is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, run by a committee of Trustees and other volunteers. It is a meeting place for many local groups and a venue for a wide range of events from children’s parties to art shows, yoga retreats to wedding receptions.

The Trustees have recently overseen a major refurbishment of the main hall and renamed it the Stockdale Hall to acknowledge the history of the building. The smaller meeting room has also been refurbished and given a full IT upgrade making it a great business hub or office space. It has been renamed the Barbrook Room after the brook running through the village.

Are you looking for a venue to hire? Baslow Village Hall could be just what you need. Look at our website www.baslow, phone our bookings number 07876 661325 or email


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