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Cromford Mills Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Restore Waterpower

Cromford Mills, a unique site of rich historical and technological significance, is embarking on a remarkable journey to bring the power of water back to its heart. This iconic Derbyshire site played a pivotal role in shaping the Industrial Revolution as the first successful water powered cotton spinning mill in the world. Today, we are bringing waterpower back, harnessing the original energy source to help power and sustain this grade I listed site.

The restoration project includes the installation of a new 5-meter diameter water wheel and a 17kWh hydro turbine and water source heating system. By utilizing the original water course, this system is expected to generate approximately 20-25% of on-site electricity. This will help reduce the site's carbon footprint and address the challenges posed by rising energy prices, which have impacted Cromford Mills significantly.

The project has been made possible, thanks to the generosity of the Green Entrepreneur Fund, Severn Trent Community Fund and our local businesses including Vaillant Boilers and Twiggs. However, with rising costs we have a funding gap and we need your support to complete the project.

"We are on a mission to restore the power of water to Cromford Mills and preserve the heritage that helped shape our nation's history," said Eilis Scott, Chief Executive Officer of the Arkwright Society. "With your generous contributions, you're not just supporting a water wheel; you're powering education, preservation, and innovation."

Cromford Mills has set an ambitious fundraising target of £60,000 to complete the installation by November 2023. Every donation, regardless of size, is a step closer to realizing this vision. For those unable to donate at this time, please spread the word and share the crowdfunding page.

To make a donation and be a part of this historic restoration project, please visit the crowdfunding page at https://www. Supporters can choose from a range of bespoke rewards as a token of appreciation for their contribution. Thank you for your support and help with restoring waterpower at Cromford Mills.


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