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Once again, we will be opening our Santa’s grotto on Saturday 26th November 2022.

This will be our 20th year of running this beautiful hand-built Grotto. All profits from this awesome event will go to the EYAM OLD FOLKS FUND who raise money all year round to provide all residents of Eyam with vouchers to spend in the local shops on food to help keep them warm during the bitterly cold winter weeks. This year will be more important than normal as everyone will be struggling to keep warm as the cost of living soars. Our grotto is open from Saturday 26th November and then its every Friday, Saturday and Sunday right up to Christmas. Upon your visit, there is a beautiful Christmas lights display to amaze you, plus don't forget to write your letters for Santa – every letter we get will receive a personalized letter back (don't forget to put your child's name and address on the letter).


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