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International Klezmer Stars Performing in Youlgrave

Kleznorth, the North’s biggest festival of klezmer music, dance and Yiddish song is coming back to Youlgrave (near Bakewell), and includes an all star concert which is open to all!

Tickets for the whole weekend have now sold out, but the good news is that there are still tickets for the concert. The festival faculty including internationally recognised klezmer musicians and singers Sasha Lurje (Yiddish song), Craig Judelman (violin), Sanne Möricke (accordion), John MacNaughton (clarinet) and Michael Alpert (Yiddish song, violin, guitar) will perform for the enjoyment of those looking for an introduction to klezmer as well as more seasoned fans of the genre.

Ian Stern, the Kleznorth chair said ‘We’re so excited to be back in Youlgrave. Local residents have alway given us such a warm welcome. We hope that many will join us for what promises to be a fabulous afternoon.’

Since it started in 2010, Kleznorth has welcomed both Jews and non-Jews to the wonderful world of Klezmer and Yiddish song. Last year we returned to Youlgrave after several years break and, in spite of severe weather conditions, had a fabulous weekend.

This year we are planning for another amazing weekend, ending with the all-star concert.

The concert will take place on Sunday 7 April, 3-4.30pm. For more information on klezmer, Kleznorth and to get tickets for the concert, go to


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