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Matlock Luncheon Club Spring into Colour!

Carol Taafe-Finn, Chair, and Sue Burton

Matlock Luncheon Club met recently for its April meeting at the Peak Edge Hotel near Chesterfield.

Following lunch, the members were guided by Sue Burton to embrace colour to look and feel their best. Sue is an award-winning international image consultant with over 30 years’ experience who runs her own Consultancy.

The basic premise is that people can be placed in ‘seasonal’ colour categories; warm for autumn and spring with yellow undertones and cool for winter and summer with blue undertones.

The psychology of colour is utilised by the fashion industry as a merchandising tool. Each season’s window displays reflect that season’s colour palette – warm now for spring. Much swimwear is blue because it’s identified with the sea, sunshine and a holiday.

One brave member volunteered to be a guinea pig so Sue could demonstrate how different colours can flatter or not.

The crucial message was if you look good, you feel good so consider your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour and choose colours that enhance these. Scarves are an inexpensive way to experiment with colour and you can always donate any clothes that you subsequently feel no longer suit you for recycling!

For more information about the Club see matlock


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