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At the February meeting of Matlock Probus Club Mr Roger Flint, Vice Chairman, welcomed the members. He then introduced our guest Speaker, Rev. David Glasson whose talk was entitled ‘Butterfly Wings’ (alluding to his interest in philosophy and how he feels that happenings in his life had been connected by chains of events).

Rev Glasson began his working life as a Radio Operator aboard Shell Tankers and had sailed all around the World. After he left Shell he became a Lecturer at Liverpool University.

He became a Church Minister in Norfolk and then in Liverpool, and eventually became a Chaplain at secure mental hospitals (such as Brampton). He said he had always had an interest in the natural world which he believes was sparked by his grandfather who lived with his family when David was a little boy. Among all the things he has done in his life was driving an aid lorry to Romania after the fall of Communism. He told us of the terrible conditions he saw in the orphanages (where he was delivering aid to).

Such an interesting talk by a very interesting man.

The members and speaker then enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by Janet and Phil of the Duke Wellington.

Matlock Probus Club meets on the first Thursday of the month – coffee at 10.30am followed by our speaker and then optional lunch.

Our next meeting will be on March 7th when we will have a talk on the Work of the Air Ambulance.

If you would be interested in joining our friendly group (men and women) please contact: Mr Clive Robinson, Chairman, 01246 582938 or Mr Nigel Carabine, Treasurer, 01629 823581.


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