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Matlock Storytelling Cafe presents:Hugh Lupton

Telling ‘Psalms From the Horse’s Mouth’ Friday 2 June 2023 with support from Cage of Crows. Doors open at 7pm for a 7:30pm start at the Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock DE43NL

Tickets are £7 and available from

We are very excited to be welcoming the legendary Hugh Lupton to Matlock Storytelling Cafe in June. It is a great way to end our summer programme of events for 2023. Following this we are taking a break for two months and will return in September.

Hugh Lupton’s interest in traditional music, street theatre, poetry, and myth resulted in him becoming a professional storyteller in 1981. He tells stories from many cultures, but his particular passion is for the hidden layers of the British landscape and the stories and ballads that give voice to them. His published work includes two novels, many collections of folk-tales and most recently a collection of stories and essays ‘The Dreaming of Place’. In June he will bring us ‘Psalms From the Horse’s Mouth’.

Since the earliest times there has been a strong, almost a magical connection between people and horses.

We can see it in paleolithic cave-paintings of wild horses, we can see it in the reverence paid to the horse in Celtic culture, just as we can see it in old black and white footage of farm labourers working their ploughs with teams of shires. It is a relationship that has continued through history, and it is only over the last seventy years that the connection has been severed for most of us by the supplanting of the horse by the internal combustion engine.

But we feel it instinctively still; when we are in the presence of horses an old memory is wakened in us.

This programme of words and music explores and celebrates the ancient relationship between human and horse. It also explores what we have lost by being out of touch with ‘horse presence’.

Using story, poetry, song and music it evokes the companionship and the mystery, the sense of otherness that horses conjure in us.

We are delighted to tell you that soup, cakes, teas, coffees, etc, will be available from our kitchen once more. So now you can leave all your snacks at home. You are still most welcome to bring a bottle of something with you.

We urge you to book in advance as we cannot guarantee there will be tickets available on the door.

See the Matlock Storytelling Café Facebook page for further details.


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