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As with many groups and communities we have been celebrating the coronation of our new King and Queen. Many of our members can remember the coronation of our beloved Queen Elizabeth and the evening began with shared memories of street parties and for the lucky ones, sitting round little black and white televisions, often with neighbours and relatives crowded into front rooms! How things have changed!

We thought decorating crowns was a little too predictable but having seen King Charles being presented with the Coronation Gauntlet we decided that this would be our challenge for the night.

A table was set out with an array of ribbons, fake gem stones, beads and sequins, plus glue, needles and threads and a white glove for each member. Even the least crafty amongst us managed to produce a glittering result, and after modelling them we moved on to our coronation spread. The King’s coronation quiche, with salads plus cakes and sweet things, all washed down with glasses of bubbly of course.

A really fun evening and now we are looking forward to June when we will join other trefoil members from across Derbyshire at our county campsite, near Ashbourne, for a picnic and activities to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Trefoil Guild.


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