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New Storage for Wells in Bradwell

After many years of storage in a rusting and leaking shipping container, the Bradwell Wells were in need of a new container for the storage of the well frames and associated signs and collecting boxes etc. After talks with Louise Saxon (Welfare Officer) and Trevor Harrison (Facilities Manager) of Breedons, Hope Cement Works, they offered to donate, organise and erect on site a new container. This included levelling and clearance of the ground and disposal of the old container in time for the Wells being put in place for this year’s ceremony. After several weeks of heavy rain and waiting for the ground to be firm enough to take the weight of the trucks and equipment required to do the job, this all happened on the 26th June.

Breedons, in conjunction with Alphaweld, Centreplain and Banner Ltd, lifted out and took away the old container. They then cleared the site, put down new sleepers and positioned the new container in place, levelling it up and finally presenting the keys to the Welldressing Committee.

The Welldressers are very grateful to the individuals and companies involved, particularly Louise and Trevor for their hard work in organising and communicating with all involved and making it happen.

The Welldressers next fundraising efforts will be to raise the funds for the wells to be repaired and eventually replaced.

Thanks again for your gift, and all that you do for the local communities within the Hope Valley!


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