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Recognising Community Heroes who make an amazing difference in their local communities

Anna Casey and Ace Stockdale, The Friends of Hurst Farm Community Group are pictured with Platform’s Communities Together Award winner’s trophy, certificate and vouchers

A local Housing Association and their partners have recently celebrated the unsung heroes who live in their communities and make a real difference to others, at their annual Community Heroes Awards.

Platform Housing Group, whose vision is to build a better future by investing in affordable homes, services and communities first launched their Community Heroes recognition Awards in 2022, to highlight the incredible work that their customers and partners do in their local communities.

The Communities Together Award is given to someone who brings people together and makes everyone feel included. This important award was won by The Friends of Hurst Farm in Matlock, Derbyshire who work on behalf of the community to run events, support local people and ensure that Hurst Farm is a place where the community can thrive.

Anna Casey, Chair of The Friends of Hurst Farm Community Group said, “Without the Hurst Farm Community Hub, I don’t think there would be friendship as people wouldn’t socialise as much. It helps bring people together who may not have spoken before and helps tackle social isolation.

“Our community pantry was originally set up to tackle food waste and has provided such a crucial service with the ongoing cost of living crisis. We currently have 400 people signed up; there’s no eligibility criteria and local people pay £5 for roughly £40 - £50 worth of shopping. Everything on our shelves in the larder would have ended up in landfill.

“Hurst Farm is such a wonderful place to live, we have such wonderful characters. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved so far and it’s just going to get bigger, better and brighter; we just love this community.”

Platform’s Community Heroes Awards were made possible by the generous sponsorship of the main event sponsors, Travis Perkins and the Communities Together Award sponsors Protective Wear Supplies (PWS).

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