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Rural Women Celebration

On Monday 11th March rural women came together at the Agricultural Business Centre in Bakewell to mark International Women’s Day.

The event was organised by Rural Action Derbyshire to highlight the hard work and strength of the women who are the backbone of so many rural communities. It was championed by The Willow Project, an established project raising awareness of rural domestic abuse.

Women have played a pivotal role since Rural Action Derbyshire, was established as a Rural Community Council in 1924. Of the 19 original Officers and Members, 5 were women. Today both the Chair and Chief Executive Officer are women, leading a strong team of staff and trustees.

Emma Simpson, Head of Communications at RAD said; “It’s really important to take stock every now and again, to pat ourselves on the back and recognize in ourselves and others the contribution we make to our work, family, friends, and lives of people in the wider community.”

There were some high-profile guests including the Lord Lieutenant Elizabeth Fothergill CBE, the High Sheriff Theresa Peltier and Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster who were all delighted to be there to acknowledge and applaud the achievements of all those present.

Throughout the event, discussions centered on amplifying the voices of rural women, addressing the unique challenges they face, and fostering opportunities for their advancement. From agricultural endeavors to entrepreneurial ventures, the diverse contributions of women in rural industries were celebrated and recognised as vital pillars of community resilience and progress.

The Rural Women event underscored the significance of International Women's Day as more than just a date on the calendar but as a rallying call for gender equality, inclusion, and empowerment. By shining a spotlight on the achievements of rural women, the event reinforced the importance of inclusivity and solidarity in creating a more equitable and prosperous society.


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