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Skate Park Group Proposal for Matlock

Derbyshire Dales District Council is inviting local people to express an interest in forming a Matlock skate park group to work together to apply for external funding to improve the facility in Hall Leys Park.

The appeal comes after the District Council announced that one of the three sections in the current skate park has come to the end of its life and will be removed early next week.

This means the entire skate park, installed almost 20 years ago will be closed whilst the work takes place.

A Council spokesperson said: "We won't have any clear idea of timescales until the section we have identified, nearest to the tennis courts is removed and we can see the state of the ground underneath. We will have to make this safe before the other two sections are reopened.

"As a council we have devoted hundreds of hours over the years maintaining the skate park, spending tens of thousands of pounds in the process. Currently we have no further funds to replace the section that has to be removed, but we are hopeful that with community support we will be able to apply for external funding.

“Local people interested in being part of the proposed skate park group, particularly current users are encouraged to express an interest by emailing parks@derbyshire uk”


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