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Four years after having to vacate the crypt of the Catholic church on the A6, TFSR are now up and running in their new premises which was closed as a public toilet a while back. Thanks to Derbyshire Dales District Council for making the building available, and to the National Lottery who funded alterations to the building. Other donors were Better Derbyshire Dales Fund and individuals giving to a ‘gofundme’ appeal. The charity had an official opening on 1st December.

Members are present between 10am and Noon on Mondays and Fridays to receive donations of unwanted hand tools and DIY electric tools which are refurbished to make boxed kits for small businesses in Africa. Armed with quality tools the recipients are able to produce better products and earn enough to educate their children or improve their family home. TFSR can be found at Mill Leat Workshop between the cattle market and Smith’s Island car park. Out of hours contact can be with our secretary, Mary Pope on 01629 733944.


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