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The coronation, trees ancient and modern, the village history mosaic, the circle of life and society’s inequality; all these subjects will be represented in this years’ Youlgrave Welldressings, one of the oldest in Derbyshire.

Youlgrave expects to welcome a bumper number of visitors to its welldressing festival this year to view the new village history plaque unveiled last week at a ceremony with Youlgrave Silver Band. One of the long-time welldressing designers, Phil Smith aka the Grouchy Grouter, has designed and made the plaque which is installed on the end of the village hall, over the last three years with a team of volunteer helpers and will be using this as the basis of his welldressing this year. This well is situated at Bank Top in Youlgrave, and is one of the boards that has been re-designed and a new frame constructed to make it easier to put up.

Large local employer, DSF Refractories and Minerals at Friden, near Youlgrave, generously donated the time of their joiners (pictured) and workshop, as well as the necessary materials to refresh the welldressing boards, some of which are over 50 years old.

Andrew Baker, Chair of Youlgrave Welldressing Association said “Many of the boards are now over 50 years old, so they were built to last, but they do sometimes need to be repaired or even replaced. The cost of timber and labour is often prohibitive so we’re very grateful for this help.” The frame at Coldwell End has also been redesigned.

During the week there will be five large boards on display as well as the school welldressing, a design by Youlgrave Guides and a collection of small practice boards. On Saturday 24th June at 2.30pm a service of blessing will be hosted by Rev Adele Barker during a procession with Youlgrave Band and the WI choir. Leaflets on sale in the village include a map of where they are displayed and refreshments are available at the many pubs, cafes and shops in the village. Parking is available at both ends of the village, coaches may turn in Grove Place.

Events during the week:

Saturday 24th June – Blessing of the Wells with Youlgrave Silver Band at 2.30pm. Refreshments in the Village Hall in aid of Youlgrave School.

Sunday 25th June – Outdoor concert with Youlgrave Band following concert at Weslyan Reform Chapel 7pm

Monday 26th June – Summer concert by Sheffield Folk Choral in Youlgrave All Saints Church 7pm. Tickets £8 from village shops or via Anne Cooper 01629 630282 All proceeds to church toilets appeal.


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