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Colin Petty (Aquabox) and Clive Robinson (Matlock Probus Club Chairman)

At the October meeting of the Matlock Probus Club the Chairman, Mr Clive Robinson, welcomed members and our speaker for the meeting Mr Colin Petty from Aquabox.

Mr Petty began by telling the members that he had volunteered at Aquabox for 6 years and he concentrated on publicity and fund-raising by telling the story of how Aquabox came to be formed and what the Aquabox organisation do.

Aquabox is a charity which provides safe drinking water, through the use of filtration units, and humanitarian aid to crisis zones around the world. Aquabox was formed in 1992 by the Wirksworth Rotary Club and is a Registered Charity.

Clean water to drink is essential to human life and the Aquabox filtration units can provide, through one box, thousands of litres of clean drinking water. The filtration unit was demonstrated to the meeting by Mr Petty.

Besides the water filtration units the Aquabox organisation provides ‘Gold’ boxes. Inside these boxes are such things as buckets, towels, tarpaulins, cooking pots and lids, string, plates, bowls (these are now made of bamboo as they are biodegradable), drinking cups, washing line, sporks, notepads and pencils (for children for impromptu schools), rainproof ponchos and survival bag (for warmth). Other practical items such as a fold-up spade, saw, pliers, hammer and nails, scissors etc. Even a ball or frisby for the children to play with is included. A full Gold box costs around £35.

When it is seen that a disaster has occurred the Aquabox organisation will get in touch with any partner organisations in that area to see if they can help. Aquabox receives no Government funding and is reliant totally on donations and businesses who are willing to donate. A most interesting and informative talk on an organisation totally run by volunteers giving up their time.

The vote of thanks was given by Mr David Screen.

If you would like information about Matlock Probus Club and our meetings please contact:

Mr Clive Robinson, Chairman: 01246 582938, or

Mr Nigel Carabine, Treasurer: 01629 823581


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