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Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (Wye and Upper Derwent local group)

Vagrants, Drifters and Migrants

Monday 15th January, 7.30pm

An Illustrated talk by Nigel Slater

Our 2024 year opens with a talk from one of most popular speakers Nigel Slater. He spoke to us some time ago about how humans had introduced foreign species to Britain, often with potentially disastrous results. This time he will be speaking about the ways animals have arrived here on purpose or have been swept here on waves or winds. A vagrant that we all heard about two years ago was the bearded vulture, a native of the Alps, who spent a holiday in Derbyshire.

Millions of creatures migrate to Britain each year, some crossing vast distances to find food, or a suitable place to breed and raise their young. The most obvious migrants are birds, but whales, dolphins, bats butterflies and fish also migrate to Britain.

As with every mention of wildlife the impact of climate change is likely to be raised, as the number of species migrating or setting up a permanent home in Britain from Europe increases every year.

to be held at Darley Dale Methodist Church Hall, Dale Road North, Darley Dale, Matlock DE4 2FT. Admission £3. Call 01629 650480 for more information.


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